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    Samshield Helmet Box:

    • A Samshield Helmet
    • A Samshield Helmet Bag
    • Addtional Foam Liner(s)

    We are excited to offer this unique experience to our ECB customers!

    We understand that fitting a helmet is not always just a measurement, a helmet must be sized.  With every Samshield helmet, we will send additional foam liner(s) that fit the selected shell size.  For example, if you order a size 7 helmet, a 6-7/8 and a 7-1/8 liner will accompany your order, no charge to you.*  This swill allow you the opportunity to properly size your helmet in the comfort of your home.  We feel this exclusive ECB offer will assist you in finding your perfect Samshield helmet!

    *We do ask that you send the unused liner(s) back to ECB in the self addressed postage paid envelope that you will receive separately.  Unused liner(s) must be returned to ECB  within (30) days or you will be charged $49 per liner.